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Smart Retainers program from Bandeen Orthodontics of Battle Creek

Due to some very cool updates in our office, Bandeen Orthodontics of Battle Creek is thrilled to introduce you to our new Smart Retainers program! This program, made possible by our 3D modeling and printing technologies can easily save you thousands of dollars on retainers over a lifetime.


Now, instead of difficult, gooey impressions, we can easily take a scan of your teeth with our digital mouth scanner to create a computer model of your teeth. Please note that a scan is not an x-ray. From there, the computer model of your teeth can be printed on our 3D printers right at our office to create a durable, plastic model of your teeth.


3D-Printed RetainersWith the Smart Retainers program, four sets of invisible retainers are provided when you finish your orthodontic treatment. If you request teeth whitening trays, they would count as one of the four sets. The first four sets of retainers are typically included with your orthodontic treatment.

If you manage to go through, break, or misplace your first four sets of retainers (eight total retainers), additional printed models can be made for a fee. In the past, you might have spent over hundreds of dollars for a single retainer. Because of the technology we have available we’re able to charge far less than many other orthodontist offices for retainers.

Your models

You will be given your models – be sure to keep them in a safe place. If you lose your models, they can be reprinted for the replacement fee mentioned above. If you keep your models, you can bring them in for us to make additional retainers without additional charge (up to 4 retainers per model).


If you need a new set of retainers for whatever reason, bring your models into the office and we will make you new retainers. As mentioned above, each model is good for making four retainers. Additional models can be printed per the fees mentioned above. Please note, if your retainers no longer fit, you will need a new scan and new models.


We will make up to four sets of retainers off of one model before the model is distorted by heat and should be reprinted. You will get two sets of retainers the day your orthodontic treatment is completed. We will see you throughout the retainer process to ensure that your retainers are working well.

Wear & Care information