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Consider Invisalign from Bandeen Orthodontics of Battle Creek

Invisalign is a unique system to move teeth and improve smiles without braces. Invisalign uses clear trays/aligners to move teeth. Treatment times with Invisalign will vary significantly depending on the changes to be made and treatment will typically last longer for more significant changes.

What to expect if you choose Invisalign from Bandeen Orthodontics

First visit: At your initial examination, we will determine if your orthodontic treatment can be appropriately treated with Invisalign. If you make your decision and are ready to start, we’ll take your “records” at this first visit too!

Records: After it has been determined that your treatment can be appropriately performed with Invisalign, we will need to take orthodontic records. Orthodontic records typically involve a set of photographs, x-rays, and a scan to create a computer model of your teeth (we don’t take those messy impressions anymore).

Coordinated lab work with Invisalign: Once Invisalign receives your pictures, x-ray, and computer model from the scan, then we customize your treatment results by moving the computer teeth to their best positions. Then, Invisalign makes your aligners/trays for us to give to you.

Start of treatment: Once we receive your “aligners” from Invisalign, you will come in for an appointment to place them on your teeth.  Each aligner is worn for a week full time before advancing to the next aligner until you have worn them all.  We will give you your aligners in large groups so as to save your time by not having to come in for lots of appointments. The number of aligners depends upon the treatment goals and how much movement is necessary.

Finishing touches: After you have worn all of your aligners, we may take another scan for a new computer model, resubmit to Invisalign, and coordinate for a “revision” or fine tuning of your treatment results where we receive a few more aligners.

Hold the results: After your Invisalign treatment, we will help you preserve your treatment results with a set of retainers to help you keep your beautiful new smile.