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Our orthodontist office of Battle Creek is proud to feature the latest technologies and equipment in orthodontic treatment and care. We operate on the philosophy that the best treatment should not only be the most effective, but also the most efficient by using new orthodontic methods and technology. This focus on effectiveness and efficiency often leads to a better patient experience, shorter treatment time, less equipment and gadgets/gizmos, and less money spent by our patients relative to doing treatment twice (early and late). For more information about Bandeen Orthodontics of Battle Creek, look through our website and call or message us to set up an appointment today.

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Many parents aren’t aware that early orthodontic treatment in children 8 to 10 years of age is very often unnecessary. Most patients who have treatment at age 8 to 10 years will have to have treatment a second time around the ages of 12 or 13. If treatment began at age 12 instead, an equal or better result is often possible with only one treatment. Early treatment is really only needed if there is an emergency, extreme self-consciousness, or there are airway concerns (i.e. sleep apnea). If you’re looking for an orthodontist of Battle Creek you can trust to have your best interests at heart, Bandeen Orthodontics of Battle Creek is right for you.

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