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Bandeen Orthodontics of Battle Creek’s Frequently Asked Questions

If you’re considering orthodontic treatment for yourself or your children, you probably have a lot of questions. For your convenience, our team has compiled a list of frequently asked questions below. If you have a question that’s not listed, do not hesitate to give us a call or send us a message via our online contact form.

Nope! There is NO charge for initial visits at Bandeen Orthodontics of Battle Creek.  If we take an x-ray at your initial visit, it is also typically complimentary (without cost to you).

Yes! If you have insurance coverage for orthodontic treatment, we will help you bill your insurance.

Yes! We will help you setup your down payment and monthly payments to a plan that will work best for you. We also offer savings for those who choose to pay in full. More financial information can be found by clicking here.


Yes! Retainers will be provided to you when treatment is finished. Also, we’ve figured out how to make it easy to keep wearing your retainers long term. More information about retainers can be found by clicking here.

Yes, retainers have to be worn full time for the first five months after braces/Invisalign are removed and then at night time for a lifetime.  Find out more about retainers by clicking here.

Braces: With braces, it is common to have eight weeks between appointments although sometimes we’ll see you in four weeks.

Invisalign: With Invisalign, we’ll often give you a few months between appointments to make it as easy as possible for you and your busy schedule.

Dental Sleep Medicine & Snoring: We hope to finish up your sleep medicine treatment quickly and easily, so most sleep medicine patients will have three quick appointments in a month and then will be seen again about six months later to make sure that everything is going well.

Yes! The treatment that we provide is customized for you and it starts with making sure that we start with excellent planning. Your treatment starts with taking “records.” In addition to the pictures we’ll take of your teeth and your smile, we’ll take an x-ray and a scan of your mouth. The scan allows us to have a computer model of your teeth and allows you to skip old-school, messy, and uncomfortable impressions. With the pictures, x-ray, and scan of your teeth, we can create your customized treatment; for braces that means custom wires and brackets with a process known as Insignia (hotlink to our Insignia page) while for Invisalign that means customized aligners. Your excellent treatment starts with excellent planning. At your next appointment, we’ll place your custom braces or give you your customized Invisalign aligners.

No. Records, x-rays, and photos are complimentary.

Nope! We don’t use colors because we care too much about you! The truth is that the colors are used on out-of-date, old braces and they make the teeth harder to clean and they make the braces hurt more. We use modern braces, known as the Damon System, that are easier to clean. The Damon System braces are designed to hold the wire against the braces without the colored rings. It has been shown that braces with colors are harder to keep clean than the Damon System braces. The Damon System braces also make it easier to move the teeth, while the colored rings on those old braces make it harder to move the teeth. In other words, taking away the colored rings means that treatment is more comfortable. For cleaner teeth and less discomfort, we use the Damon System and do not use colors.  The Damon System braces are available in both clear or metal, and you can learn more by clicking here.

A typical appointment will take about 30 to 35 minutes. Some appointments are longer or shorter depending on what you are having done, but we try to tell you ahead of time what to expect with regard to time.

Full set of braces: Our average treatment time is about 12 to 18 months with braces, and 35% of braces patients finish in 12 months or less.

Early Treatment (younger patients) with braces:  Average treatment is around 12 months

Invisalign: Average treatment will be around 12-18 months also.

Of course! One in three of our patients is an adult. We have LOTS of adults who have decided that they want to see a nice change to their smiles! Reach out to us now so we can show you how we can help your improve your smile!

Yes!  You can come see us without a referral! We often have people come see us based on referral from their dentists because their dentists appreciate the quality of care and the positive experience that we provide, but we don’t need a referral to see you. You can call us at any time to setup an appointment with or without a referral from your dentist. Even if you have a referral to a different office, you can still come to see us! We also welcome second opinions. As you may find, not all treatment recommendations are the same.

Yes! We also welcome second opinions. As you may find, not all treatment recommendations are the same. It is very common for us to provide a second, third, or even fourth opinion, and we are happy to do so. We will also do our best to explain the differences in treatment recommendations so as to help you make a choice that best fits you and your family. Find out more about our treatment philosophy by clicking here.