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Financial information for your orthodontic care

There’s no such thing as “apples to apples” comparison in orthodontic care, because there are a lot of differences in the way you will be treated based on the equipment, techniques, braces, and the even philosophy of different orthodontist offices. At Bandeen Orthodontics of Battle Creek, we practice transparency with our patients by letting you know the total costs of your treatment at your examination appointment.

The cost of your orthodontic treatment is determined largely by the type of treatment that will best suit your unique needs.

At your examination appointment, one of our doctors will speak with you about your individual treatment plan and will discuss options for treatment. After meeting with the doctors, you will speak with another member of our team, our treatment coordinator, who will discuss costs of potential treatment depending on the doctors’ recommendations.

Because the cost of orthodontic treatment depends on the type of treatment, it is not easy for us to make general statements about how much your treatment will cost. Everyone’s treatment needs and options are truly unique. Some typical approaches to orthodontic treatment and care can include braces, retainers, or Invisalign.


Braces allow for the most control and have the best ability to provide reliable treatment outcomes. Modern braces are customized for you! With the use of the Damon System braces combined with Insignia™ customized treatment protocols, braces at our office tend to be more precise and allow for less time in treatment with a better experience where you can see what we have planned for you before the braces are placed.

A big factor in cost is whether or not treatment is done more than once. There are a lot of orthodontic patients who unnecessarily have “early treatment” and then have braces again later. Having braces twice costs more than having them once. Find out more about our treatment philosophy and how we put the patient first by clicking here.


Most retainers are used to hold teeth after other forms of treatment have been applied, but sometimes retainers can be designed to carry out movement of teeth. Retainers are often the least expensive type of treatment, however, retainers designed to move teeth have a very limited scope of abilities and typically, with a few exceptions, are only able to focus on moving a few teeth a small amount.


Aligner treatment allows for more types of movement than retainers, and because the process is more involved, it tends to cost more than retainers. Aligners can be a great way to fix lost alignment from not wearing retainers for people who have had orthodontic treatment in the past. Aligners can also be a great way to improve your smile without braces. Instead of braces, SPARK or Invisalign move teeth with trays/aligners that are truly clear and difficult to see!

Orthobanc payment management system

Most of our patients choose to establish a payment plan for orthodontic treatment. Orthodontics is a process that happens over time, so it stands to reason that most people prefer to make payments over the course of their treatment. Typically, payment for treatment is at 0% interest over a period of time arranged with our office. For our payment plan options, payment forms, and insurance information we use Orthobanc. This allows you to have an account and a secure login where you can set up automatic payments, make payments, complete or view forms, access insurance information, and more 24 hours a day whether or not our office is open.

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