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Insignia is our choice for patients because it is built upon a philosophy of eliminating as much error as possible prior to starting treatment rather than conceding error and trying to compensate midway through treatment.  Even if you're good at compensating, you're still compensating.  Planning ahead is better for our patients.

- Dr. Tim Bandeen

Orthodontic Treatment took about 12.5 months with Insignia Custom Smile Design.  

With Insignia, our average treatment with braces is around 15 months total.

Internationally recognized and located right here in Battle Creek..... Dr. Tim is frequently invited to speak to our orthodontic colleagues about the Insignia process.

Dr. Tim and Dr. Emily have received recognition as one of only about four or five offices in the entire world to have achieved "Insignia Premier Provider" status every year since 2010. 

Bandeen Orthodontics is recognized internationally as an expert office in using Insignia Custom Smile Design, and Dr. Tim has been presenting on the topic since 2011.

Our average time for treatment with braces is only12-18 months thanks to Insignia combined with proper treatment planning

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​​​​​​​Insignia and the Damon System - the method that we believe is, without a doubt, the best available:   

You may think that orthodontic treatment will always take a couple of years or longer.  Actually, with the Damon System braces at our office we have seen our treatment times have dropped significantly - as much as 6 to 12 months less than with traditional methods while maintaining or exceeding previous standards of quality.  Now, imagine adding computerized bracket placement, customized angles/torque built into each bracket, and customized wires to the already superior orthodontic treatment advantages of the Damon System; that is what Damon Insignia offers.  Insignia is a fully interactive software and custom appliance system designed to give every orthodontic patient a truly customized smile.  It's a precise, start-to-finish process delivering maximum clinical and practice efficiency.  With Insignia, we still use the Damon System braces, but each brace is custom placed for you and the wires are custom made to fit you with the aid of cutting-edge computer software.

Insignia allows us to place the braces exactly where we want them for the best possible finish from the very first day of orthodontic treatment.  We take (1) custom placement of brackets, (2) custom built wires, (3) braces that are uniquely built for each and every tooth, and (4) our doctors' treatment planning for your smile and combine all four to provide unique treatment for each patient.  We don't just stick braces on the teeth - we have a plan that starts before the braces are even placed. Insingnia is the essence of starting treatment "with the end in mind".  Click on the Insignia logo above to see the Insignia website for more details.  This is an exciting time to have orthodontics!  As with any procedure, it is important to match your treatment diagnosis with the treatment plan. Call today to see if you are a candidate for Insignia!