Cutting-Edge Treatment at Bandeen Orthodontics

When most people think of orthodontics, the unfortunate images of an extended treatment time, 20th century braces, and laughing gas come to mind. In truth, though, orthodontic care has progressed rapidly in the past few decades, and orthodontists are now able to provide simple, cutting-edge treatment that couldn’t have been imagined even just a couple decades ago. Here at Bandeen Orthodontics, we dedicate ourselves to the cutting edge. That way, as many patients as possible receive the best treatment that modern medicine can provide. In today’s blog post, we’ll be discussing just two of the ways that the Bandeen team utilizes innovative new technologies to give you the best orthodontic care possible.

Mouth Scanners: Never Get an Impression Again

At Bandeen, gooey, uncomfortable mouth impressions are such a thing of the past that they’re about as extinct as dinosaurs and dodo birds. Instead, we use an industry-first mouth scanner to compile a 3D model of your teeth. And no worries, our mouth scanner is not an x-ray.

Our wand scanner simply shines light on our teeth and analyzes the rays bounced back into its data center for interpretation. This technique minimizes invasiveness and is over quicker than you can say “brush twice a day.” Once the brief scan is completed, we are able to synthesize your 3D model within the hour.

The Damon™ System and Insignia™ Advanced Smile Design™

Once we have the scans of your mouth 3D printed, we’ll likely begin to talk options about the best way to proceed with your teeth alignment. When we do, we’ll likely mention the Damon™ System braces. With the Damon™ System, we’re able to use the latest technology to entirely forego certain surgeries that would otherwise be required to address palatal issues. This technology is so advanced, that Dr. Tim Bandeen is one of only two Damon™ System Certified Educators in all of Michigan.

In order to project the results you’ll have with your treatment, we also utilize the Insignia™ Advanced Smile Design™. With Insignia™, Doctors Tim and Emily Bandeen are able to predict the changes in your mouth structure due to the braces and, as a result, align your braces from the first appointment to fit your needs even as your tooth structure changes. This way, we’re able to switch from reacting to your mouth’s changes to acting on your personal health goals.

Are you interested in receiving the orthodontic care of the future? If so, contact us today to schedule an appointment!