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Cost is not the only  thing to consider when choosing your orthodontist..... Click here for a list of some other things to consider.

Cost of treatment is an important factor in your decision - we will work with you to find a payment plan that will work for you.

Intelligent investment in technology also allows for efficiency in treatment along with improved results.  Intelligent investment in technology can actually save money.  We invest in the use of the Damon System with Insignia as the standard of care for our patients.  We find that such treatment methods reduce the number of visits for our patients.  Fewer office visits means less cost which offsets the extra investment in the technology; therefore, our patients have a nicer experience, fewer visits, better results consistently, less overall time in treatment, and less discomfort (because there aren't as many visits) thanks to intelligent investment in technology all at approximately the same cost as traditional braces.

Efficient Treatment Costs you Less

Payment in Full:  We offer a courtesy reduced rate of payment for patients whose accounts are paid in full at the start of treatment.

Payment Plan: Most of our patients choose to establish a payment plan for orthodontic treatment.  Orthodontics is a process happens over time, so it makes sense that most people would like to make payments over the duration of treatment.  Typically, payment for treatment is at 0% interest over a period of time arranged with our office.  With payment plan options, we use a OrthoBanc.  With OrthoBanc, payments will be drafted automatically each month from a checking or savings account per the terms of your payment plan.  You will also have online access to your financial reports through a secure login provided by OrthoBanc.  Clicking on the logo below will take you to the OrthoBanc website where you can login.

​Cost of orthodontic treatment depends on the type of treatment​

Less Early Treatment:  Early treatment is treatment that takes place when many baby teeth are still present.  Early treatment is usually followed by a second phase of treatment once the remaining adult teeth have erupted.  We tend not to provide very much "early treatment" at our office because it is simply not necessary or beneficial for most patients relative to the efficiency of a single phase of treatment once all or most of the adult teeth have erupted.  With an educated approach to dental & facial development combined with the technology of the Damon System & Insignia, we can usually achieve treatment goals in one phase of treatment rather than two.  Having treatment twice rather than once typically will be more costly.  An advantage of our philosophy of treatment is that most of our patients will actually save money by only have treatment ONCE without having to compromise on treatment results.

It is not possible for us make general statements about how much orthodontic treatment costs because everyone's treatment needs and options are truly unique.  Some typical approaches to treatment may include braces, retainers, or Invisalign. 

1.  RETAINERS:  Most retainers are used to hold teeth after other forms of treatment have been applied, but sometimes retainers can be designed to carry out movement of teeth.  Retainers are often the least expensive type of treatment, but retainers designed to move teeth have a very limited scope of abilities and typically, with a few exceptions, are only able to focus on moving a few teeth a small amount.

2.  INVISALIGN:  Invisalign treatment allows for more types of movement than retainers, and the process of Invisalign is more involved, so it tends to cost more than retainers.  Invisalign usually takes longer than braces and typically provides a lesser result than braces.

3.  BRACES:  Braces allow for the most control and have the best ability to provide reliable treatment outcomes.  With the use of the Damon System braces combined with Insignia customized treatment protocols, braces at our office tend to be more precise and allow for more sophisticated movements than Invisalign or retainer treatment plans.  Accordingly, braces at our office typically will cost more than retainers or Invisalign.  Treatment with braces usually takes less time than treatment with Invisalign, and treatment with braces typically allows for a nicer finished result than Invisalign.

We offer...

  • 0% Financing for most patients who want to pay over time

  • Affordable plans that can be extended past the completion of your treatment.  We will help you find a financial plan that works for your unique circumstances

  • Courtesy discounts for full payment prior to the start of treatment or for large downpayments

  • We will help you with your insurance questions​​

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Before & AFter full Treatment

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The myth of the "apples to apples" comparison

The fact is that orthodontists rarely use the same equipment, techniques, braces, or philosophy for treatment.  You will NOT be treated the same way at every office.  The differences between offices make it impossible to have a true "apples to apples" comparison.

Uncommon transparency = At our office, we try to let you know the total costs of your whole treatment at your "examination" appointment. 

The cost of orthodontic treatment is determined largely by the type of treatment that will best suit your unique needs.  At your "examination" appointment, the doctors will speak with you about your individual treatment plan and will discuss options for treatment.  After meeting with the doctors, you will speak with another member of our team who will discuss costs of potential treatment depending on the doctors' recommendations. 

There's no such thing as an apples to apples comparison around herethere are a lot of differences in the way you will be treated between different offices!