Battle Creek Orthodontists Help Treat Sleep Apnea

Though snoring is often associated with deep or restful sleep, the opposite can just as easily be true. Snoring can be a sign of sleep apnea, and can lead to feelings of exhaustion even after a full night’s rest. Moreover, frequent or intense snoring can wake partners, cause headaches, and make sleep a painful experience instead of the rejuvenating experience it’s designed to be.

Here at Bandeen Orthodontics Battle Creek, we recognize the effects that sleep apnea can have on both your sleeping and waking life. That’s why, in today’s blog post, we’ll be discussing how approaches to treating sleep apnea and the steps you can take to treat your sleep apnea today.

Consider Dieting and Exercise

The leading cause of sleep apnea in America is obesity. Fat allocated around the neck and throat can obstruct and put weight on the airways in your neck, which makes it more difficult for oxygen to pass through. As a result, your respiratory system increases the power with which it inhales and exhales. Once the airway opens, however, the pressure rapidly normalizes, then accumulates again to open the passageway back up. This process creates a quick sealing and unsealing process of the airway, which leads to the snoring sound that we’re all so familiar with.

The most direct way to end this obesity-caused sleep apnea is by losing weight, which prevents all the following symptoms from occurring.

Explore Options with an Orthodontist

If you’ve already tried home remedies or if attempting to treat obesity doesn’t provide the results you would have hoped, it might be time to work with an orthodontist. When you meet with an orthodontist, you can explore options such as a mouthguard or CPAP machine to get you the restful night of sleep you’ve been hoping for.

Determining which option is best for you should ultimately be informed by the conversations you have with a medical professional, though you may be recommended an over-the-counter solution such as the SnoreRx. Mouthguards such as the SnoreRx move your jaw forward and secure it in place as you sleep, which takes pressure off of your neck to free up room for air flow.

When you come to Bandeen Orthodontics, Battle Creek, we’ll work with you to assess the reason for your sleep apnea and treat it. To get started, contact us today to make an appointment. You deserve a good night’s sleep- together, we can help give it to you.