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Trios - no impressions!!!

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4.  Questions:  We ENCOURAGE our patients and their parents to be informed and to ask questions because orthodontics certainly requires a combined effort of our patients, our staff, and our doctor. Patients tell us daily that our willingness to answer questions and the fact that we actually encourage questions sets us apart from other offices.

5.   The Damon System:  We are different because we use the Damon System™and Insignia​.  Bandeen Orthodonitcs is the one and only office in Battle Creek, Marshall, Kalamazoo, Coldwater, and surrounding areas using the Damon System.  In fact, we are the only office within about 40 miles of Battle Creek using the Damon System.  Other offices actually say they are using "similar" systems, but you don't have to accept substitutes or imitations that fall short of the Damon System.  Come to our office to see for yourself why the Damon System is the best type of braces available for your orthodontic treatment.  It will be obvious to you why the Damon System is held as the gold standard of the next generation of braces.

Damon Insignia:  In addition to the Damon System Braces, we use the Insignia system for computer-visualization of your treatment.  Through the Insignia process, we have the capability of having our braces placed "virtually" with the aid of computer modeling so that the end results are in-mind before the braces are even placed on your teeth.  Also, wires are custom made to your particular treatment needs rather than just using standard sizes.  The Insignia process is not the only computer-aided treatment model available, but, in the opinion of our doctors, it is the absolute best model available.

7.  Full time in Battle Creek:  Our Battle Creek location is the only "full time" office in Battle Creek.  We are typically open for patient care Monday through Thursday from 8-1 and 2-5 and we see patients by appointment. 

8.  NO Headgear:  enough said

9.  NO palatal expanders:  Most doctors stay with treatments that make the doctors comfortable even if there is something better for their patients - change can be uncomfortable for everyone, and that includes medical professionals.  We make a habit out of improving our quality of care which often means making ourselves uncomfortable so as to constantly improve patient care.  It's not about us - it's about you as the patient!  We really don't use Rapid Palatal Expanders in our office anymore.  The braces we use, the Damon System braces, incorporate a more advanced technology than traditional braces, allowing us to provide stable and more comfortable expansion without the out-dated technology of palatal expanders.  We have not used an expander in our office since about 2004.  
Read about how we use the Damon System to skip unnecessary Palatal Expanders!

10. Financing and Payment Options:  If treatment is determined to be appropriate, we offer a variety of payment options.  We even off the option of "no down-payment" and have plans that are 0% interest.  We also offer a discount for families where we treat multiple family members.  We offer discounts for payment that is made in full at the initiation of treatment.  
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11.  Insurance, we'll help you with the paperwork:  If treatment is determined to be appropriate, we will help you with the submission of your insurance paperwork and help you communicate with your insurance company.

12.  Smart Retainers:  Who would have thought that part of your decision in choosing an office should include how each office handles retainers?  Well..... after treatment is complete, you want to be able to preserve your new smile.  At Bandeen Orthodontics, we have done our best to eliminate impressions!  Those over-flowing trays of goo are not fun for anyone.  Instead of imporessions, we will take a scan (not an x-ray) of your teeth that can be used to print 3D models right in our office.  After a full set of braces, we will give each patient 2 sets of retainers and their 3D printed model.  Retainers used to be expensive to replace, but our office has become one of the first to make retainer replacements realistic and affordable.  If a you misplace or break your retainers, you can bring your model back to us and we will make your a third and fourth set of retainers from that model without additional charges.  If you go through four sets of retainers, we can even reprint the model for a nominal cost and make you more retainers.  We're trying to accommodate real life, and we call this process our "Smart Retainers" plan. 

13.  We are constantly improving:  We are different because of how we are always striving to improve ourselves and our office so as to provide treatment that is always proven, curent, and the best for you.

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1.  You actually get to see and talk a doctor at your appointment:  Your initial visit is your most important visit.  At your initial visit, you have an examination with one of our doctors.  When you arrive for your appointment, we will take some photos so that we can show you where we might be able to help you.  After taking a look a what is happening, we will make a decision as to whether or not you might also benefit from an x-ray  (we only take x-rays if they are necessary).  We do not leave diagnosis and treatment planning to anyone other than a doctor; it is too important.  Also, having time with the doctors gives you a chance to get to know them.  While having exceptional care is important, feeling comfortable with your orthodontist is important too: This appointment is also an opportunity to meet our friendly doctors.  We feel that we can provide both the care you expect and the comfortable, friendly atmosphere that you deserve.

2.  Our doctors plan where each brace is placed:  At our office, we use the Insignia Custom Smile Design process so that our braces are custom built for each individual tooth and they are able to be placed precisely.  Our doctors plan where each tooth should go and where each brace should go on those teeth before treatment starts to design a beautiful smile that is uniquely yours!  When our doctors and team put the braces on your teeth, the braces are going exactly where the doctors want them to go!  Better planning makes for better treatment for you, and Insignia is an important part of better planning.   Using Insignia in our practice has allowed us to reduce your treatment by an average of 6 months and 3 appointments relative to what we were doing before.  Now our average patient has braces for only about 15 months. Most other offices take 18-24 to provide the same care that we are finishing in 15 months.

3. A doctor sees every single patient: We are different because of our attention to detail.  Even though our staff is one of the finest around, our doctors see every patient who comes to our office.  Personal attention is what you can expect at our office. 

Top reasons to come see usa nice-looking office isn't enough - it's how the practice runs that's important.  Please take a moment to find out how we are different.