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Lythos is integral to the process of Insignia Custom Smile Design, which we use to create your custom smile.  Every patient is unique, and that is reflected in each person's own smile that is designed just for him or her. 

Lythos is not an "x-ray".  There is not any penetrating radiation like is found with an x-ray machine.  Light is bounced off of the teeth and captured in the wand to generate a 3D model of your teeth without gooey impression materials

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We use the Lythos Digital Impression System.  In the past, we used to take impressions three times during orthodontic treatment with braces:

1.  Before treatment (initial records).
2.  After treatment (final records).
3.  To make retainers.

At our office with Lythos, we have eliminated two out of three of our impressions.  We still take impressions for many of our retainers (for now), but that will be changing too as we adopt other technology and change the logistics of how we deliver care.  In the meantime, our patients have enjoyed not having two-thirds of impressions they used to have.  

i-Cat Flexthree dimensional imaging at a whole new level