Find Peace of Mind from the Very First Visit with Your Orthodontist in Battle Creek

If you are unsure about who to choose as your orthodontist in Battle Creek, Bandeen Orthodontics of Battle Creek is here to show you why our past patients have been satisfied from their very first visit. First impressions are extremely important, especially when it comes to your first impression of a medical provider, and that is why we at Bandeen Orthodontics do what we can to make sure you not only feel comfortable, but also are kept well informed about everything you might need to work your way toward your new smile.

From introductions to starting treatment

When visiting our orthodontists in Battle Creek for the first time, we start to whole process by introducing ourselves and making sure our patients are comfortable with everything they have come to visit us for. By starting off with a series of photographs of their smile, our patients get a better view of what we as professionals are seeing when we look at their smile to show them exactly where we think problem areas might be that could be improved on through our treatment. In certain scenarios, we may even recommend an x-ray to really show the patient why treatment could benefit their bite. After discussion with your doctor and reviewing your options, we can even start to the first parts of your treatment process at your first visit! We know that many want their treatment taken care of as soon as possible, so we help those patients get started as soon as possible to work toward a better smile.

Learn more with your Orthodontist in Battle Creek

The team of orthodontist in Battle Creek at Bandeen have been trusted by patients for decades to provide them with the best possible smile because of the caring approach we take with each patient. We approach every new patient with a patient-focused attitude to ensure that they are getting the best treatment for their unique needs. This includes always providing them with all the necessary information to make informed decisions about their smile. Whether or not our patients have a referral from a dentist for orthodontic work, Bandeen helps them work toward a better smile if that is what they wish for themselves.

Bandeen Orthodontics of Battle Creek provides quality care from the first time a patient visits, from introductions to scheduling the next step of their treatment. To improve your smile with a trusted orthodontist in Battle Creek, contact Bandeen today!