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Our office is recognized as a Damon System Premier Provider office, and orthodontist Dr. Tim Bandeen is nationally recognized as a "Damon Certified Educator" (meaning he is one of a select few doctors who help educate our orthodontic colleagues about how to best utilize the Damon System).  Check out the Damon Doctor Locator at the top of the Damon Braces webpage to see how we're the only ones in our area using this process and one of only two Damon Certified Educator practices in Michigan.

We are using the latest technology in orthodontics.  We use Damon™ orthodontic braces.  The Damon™ System of advanced passive self-ligating brackets, high-tech light-force archwires and minimally invasive treatment protocols provides remarkable advantages for our patients. The Damon™ System has been clinically proven to dramatically reduce treatment times, provide exceptional results and significantly improve patient comfort.  

In short: We find that the Damon System provides lighter forces, less discomfort, & shorter treatment times than other braces.

We feel that the Damon™ System is the absolute best for our patients.

Finishing or detailing of orthodontic cases is wonderful with the Damon™ System.  Of course, proper initial placement of the braces is a key step to a completingtreatment.  In other words, starting out on the first day, having the doctor place the braces in the best location possible is an important step that should not be performed by anyone other than a doctor.  Our doctors place all braces for all our patients.  We do not believe that such tasks should not be delegated to an assistant.  Whenever possible we use the computer aided treatment of
Damon Insignia for precision placement of our braces.
Other "similar" systems of orthodontics/braces (like Innovation - which we do not use) are designed to have the door of the braces actually push the wires into the braces which dramatically increases friction and negatively affects tooth movement and due to higher forces (which usually means that it hurts more).  More friction means higher forces required for tooth movements which can prolong treatment unnecessarily.  Also, research has shown that pushing the wire into the slot does not offer any true mechanical or clinical advantage.  In other words, such other systems really aren't advantageous and go against demonstrated mechanical engineering principles.  We use the Damon™ System for your orthodontic care because it is designed to keep friction low throughout treatment so the forces are consistently lower making treatment more comfortable and efficient.

Dr. Tim Bandeen is a "Damon Certified Educator"He teaches other DOctors about using the Damon System