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Bandeen OrthodonticS

Total treatment time was 22 months (with good cooperation and was done before we used Insignia) wearing braces and elastics.  Treatment was with Insignia & the Damon System.  The patient wore his elastics full time with the exception of eating and brushing & flossing.  He did not have early treatment.  With his treatment plan, he only had one phase of treatment.

​​​​Class II Treatment with front teeth tipped back corrected with Braces & Rubber Bands (elastics):

​​​​Class II Treatment With Front teeth out corrected with Braces & Rubber Bands (elastics):

Total treatment time was 11 months (with good cooperation) wearing braces and elastics.  Treatment was with Insignia & the Damon System.  The patient wore her elastics full time with the exception of eating and brushing & flossing.  She did not have early treatment.  With her treatment plan, she only had one phase of treatment.

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full treatment

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​​​​narrow lower mandible (lower jaw) corrected with Expansion without a Palatal Expander:

Total treatment time was 23 months.  We did not remove any tooth structure (no shaving/interproximal reduction) of lower teeth.  Palatal expanders and expansion screws are not effective in changing the lower jaw, but this expansion was with the use of the Damon System.  Extra time was spent to make sure that the root of the tooth that was previously so far out of place was aligned with the other teeth (we didn't just tip the tooth over - we brought the body of the tooth into position also).  Treatment was with Insignia & the Damon System.

narrow Maxilla (upper jaw) ​​corrected with Expansion without a Palatal Expander:

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​Real smiles from real patients....  Any images used on this website represent our actual patients from our community.  We do NOT use "stock photos" of unknown people provided by a web designer (which is typical not only in our community but across the nation).  We feel that it is misleading to use "stock photos" as use of such images implies that those people are actual patients.

We feel that is a matter of integrity to pledge not follow the common practice of using "stock photos"

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Total expansion was about 8 mm.  Time in treatment was 20 months.  Expansion had been achieved at 13 months and treatment continued while patient wore elastics to finish bring his bite together.  The expansion achieved here was from the Damon System.  The teeth remained upright (didn't tip) and there was a change in the bone supporting the teeth (bone and teeth both moved and changed).  Treatment was with Insignia & the Damon System.  Notice how the smile is more full after treatment.

This page contains "Before and After" images of some of our actual patients.​