Bandeen Does Braces Best with Damon™ System Braces

Because braces can be an intimidating subject, many are curious about whether or not there are different types that work differently for patients, and the answer is yes. At Bandeen Orthodontics of Battle Creek, we use Damon™ System braces because of how effective they are. We are also one of the few Damon™ Certified Educator practices in Michigan, meaning that Bandeen provides a quality service with an excellent product that you cannot easily find anywhere else! A system of advanced parts that are designed to give our patients the best possible smile , the Damon™ System, with the expertise of Bandeen, makes better smiles.

The benefits of Damon™ System braces

The reason that Bandeen utilizes Damon™ System braces for our work is because of how effective the system is. Made of advanced passive self-ligating brackets, high-tech light-force archwires, and minimally invasive treatment protocols, the Damon™ System provides patients with a great option to help their teeth get where they should be. Clinically proven to help our patients deal with reduced treatment times, put patients through a less painful experience due to lighter pushing by the archwires, and great end results, the Damon™ System is an obvious answer for anyone curious about getting braces for themselves or their children.

We are even educators for the system

Not only do we provide Damon™ System braces to our clients, but our orthodontist Dr. Tim Bandeen is also nationally recognized as a Damon™ Certified Educator. So, not only does Bandeen Orthodontics of Battle Creek give our patients a great braces system to help their teeth get straightened out the right way, but you can count on our team to give the best services as well, having all been trained by our nationally recognized orthodontist. There are not many doctors who hold this title to help educate colleagues about the benefits of using Damon™ System braces, but our office is led by one and continues to provide quality braces to those in need.

Established in 1987, Bandeen Orthodontics of Battle Creek, MI provides the best orthodontic care for anyone interested in receiving the best care for their smile. From initial braces to retainer fittings, Bandeen helps with all aspects of orthodontic care. If you or your child are in need of an orthodontist you can count on, contact us at Bandeen and get the care you deserve.